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Ho Chi Minh Flower Earrings

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This perfect little horn flower is a must for your wardrobe! Made of recycled Buffalo horn. Very delicate and ladylike. 

Handmade in Vietnam. 

1.4" long.

*Since this is a natural material, the colors will vary from dark brown to marbled white.

This unique horn product is meticulously crafted, polished by craftsmen with high skills. We use material 100% from natural buffalo horn, no chemicals, safe for skin and environmentally friendly. The horn earrings have natural color, lightweight, high gloss finish, shiny and smooth surface. It is durable, safe by water or chemical cleaners.

The horn for these earrings is sourced from Vietnam Water Buffalo.  The are not harmed in any way to obtain their horn. Our water buffalo horn pieces begin as gigantic water buffalo horns sourced from animals that have died of natural causes. Water buffalo have long been cherished in Vietnamese culture because of their important role in rice farming. By utilizing the buffalo’s horns, the Artisans honor the animal while creating beautiful and modern accessories.