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Supporting artisans, sharing culture.


Here are some questions we are frequently asked.

Please feel free to speak to a member of our team at if you are unable to find an answer for your query. We enjoy each feedback and interest.



General Queries

What does Culture Shock do?

Culture Shock is an online accessories store based in the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. Inspired by ancient traditions and cultures around the world, Culture Shock emerges as an initiative to educate the public about cultural diversity, and to promote native and small-town craftsmanship through unique and timeless pieces of art.

Each piece is handcrafted from unexpected materials which are transformed into distinctive forms. That way it shares the stories of different cultures and its people. Our selection includes conversation pieces that can take you from “casual-to-glam” and transcend seasons.

Embrace the beauty of cultural diversity in design and timeless fashion! Shop with purpose at Culture Shock from anywhere in the world.

How can I know more about the artisan's products?

We include substantial product specifications in each product's description. Each product is 100% personally handmade by the artisan or micro-enterprise.

If you have any queries, please message us directly and we'd love to help you out!

I know an artisan! How do I refer him/her to you?

Please contact directly or use our contact form here.

We'd love to help new artisans - in expanding their micro-enterprises, exploring new co-created designs, and in providing quality and consistency benchmarking. Please note that we prefer to work with artisans that have no international, or very limited, online presence, as that is where we seek ourselves having the most impact commercially and socially.


What currency are your products in?

All items are denominated in US Dollars (USD$). Please note that if you are purchasing with a different currency, there may be additional currency conversion fees charged by your bank or payment provider which are not accrued by us.

I want to know more about Culture Shock, who can I speak to?

Please contact Amalia at or use our contact form here.


Shipping, Exchanges and Returns

If I buy a few items at once, can you split up my order into separate boxes?

Unfortunately, we do not offer separate parcels for single orders for logistical purposes. This also helps us to minimize the packaging involved in each purchase.

However, each item is always fitted individually into a separate pouch.

Can you ship to a PO box?


Which countries do you ship to?

Shipping to countries outside of the USA is subject to an additional fee. Please note that we are currently unable to pay for customs fees on our end.

If you are worried, we can't ship to you, just drop the team an email at

I have confirmed my order, can I amend or cancel it?

If your order has yet to be shipped out, amendments may be made if you notify our team in time, subjected to a case-by-case basis. For enquiries regarding your orders, please contact Unfortunately, it is not possible for you to cancel your order once it has been dispatched for delivery.

If you have feedback on your craft, you can also let us know, and we will translate it for the artisans accordingly.

Can I return or exchange an item I purchased on sale?

We do not provide returns or exchanges for our artisans' craftsmanship that were purchased on sale. If you returned an item to us that was purchased on sale, we would not be able to process it.


Contact Us

Who should I contact for further enquiries?

For general enquiries and order enquiries, you can contact our team at Most queries are replied within 2-7 business day.