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Supporting artisans, sharing culture.

About the Founder


María Amalia Ubarri García

I studied Communications at USC in Puerto Rico and Fashion Merchandising and Styling at IED in Barcelona,Spain. I worked in the retail market for more than 12 years in all its facets, as a salesperson, manager and buyer. After working for many years in search of merchandise, I realized that what we offer to stores in Puerto Rico is mostly influenced by actual trends or huge multinational brands that impose a style in accordance to their merchandising strategies. As a customer, one may not necessarily feel identified, or whatever may be in vogue may not work for you- and it is difficult to find different pieces. I want to break that mold and broaden the offer of accessories so that everyone can dress up with what they truly like or feel identified with, and not necessarily with what is trending. Meanwhile, we buy with a purpose, supporting craftsmen and small businesses that are starting or don’t have the exposure they deserve.

The pieces I offer are very different. They are handmade with a lot of effort and love by these designers and hand craftsmen from around the world. They are not mass- produced or what is known as fast fashion*. Every product has a history, the history of its creator. Behind every piece there is a creative spirit inspired in everything that surrounds them. Behind every piece lies the work of a passionate person that shares his sensibility, his imagination, his abilities, and his technical knowledge proper of his culture. When you elect a product made by hand you help preserve these traditions that go from generation to generation and you contribute to the diversity of lifestyles.

Fast fashion is a contemporary term used by fashion retailers for designs that move from catwalk quickly to capture current fashion trends. This philosophy of quick manufacturing at an affordable price is used in large retailers such as H&M, Zara, C&A, Peacocks, Primark, Xcel Brands, and Topshop.